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By Hand

About Us

We're a couple of friends making games remotely, for fun, during our free time. We like to play with small but fun ideas, come up with mechanic mash-ups, discover good game feel, and experiment with different art and development styles.

Joven Paul

Joven Paul

Art & Music

2D/3D artist, UI & UX, animator, and game designer. I've been making successful mobile games for the better part of a decade. Achieving good game feel is my main drive when developing games. Co-founded Mexican Studio HyperBeard games. Getting really good at making handmade tortillas.

AFK Mario

AFK Mario


Game & Web developer, doing games since ~2014. I enjoy making things that feel simple, and crafting details around them so they stand out. I talk & write about video games at Detrás del Pixel and run a small community of spanish speaking game developers with friends at INDI·ES. Getting really good at eating handmade tortillas.

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